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Bargain and sale from Samuel Marrowe of Barkeswell, esquire, and Thomas Marrowe, gentleman, his brother, to Thomas Greves, esquire, son and heir of Sir Richard Greves of Moseley, Worcs., knight, and Edward and Richard Greves, gentlemen, second and third sons of the said Sir Richard, for £300 of the manor of Sollyhull alias Sullyhull with all messuages, lands and rights, and the advowson of the church, chapels and chantries of the same; to hold for ever, excepting the following leases: 1-2. DR37/1/2613/1-2 3. DR37/1/2606 4-9. DR37/1/2613/4-9 10. DR37/1/2609. Dated 7 January 1628/1629 11. DR37/1/2613 Signed: Samuel Marow, Thomas Marow Dated: 5 June 5 Charles I Witnesses, endorsed: for Samuel Marrowe: Francis Marow, William Selby, Walter Marston, Edward Wayste, Thomas Crooke; for Thomas Marrowe: Edward Marow, Francis Marow, John Parsons, Walter Marston. 1. Circular seal of red wax on tag, 1/2 in. 2. Tag for seal Memorandum, dated 13 June 1629, of attornment of Sir Richard Greves by giving 6d. to the said Thomas Greves; Witnesses: Anne Grevis, Walter Marston, Philip Phillipes, John Rastell. Memorandum, dated 13 June 1629, of livery of seisin, endorsed; Witnesses: Walter Marston, Humphrey Trowte, Thomas Clymer the elder, Thomas Clymer the younger. Endorsed: [S.A.] The indenture of Bargain and Sale of the manor of Solyhull from Mr Samuell Marrowe Thomas Marrowe to Mr. Thomas Greaves, Edward Greaves and Richard Greaves, sons of Sr Richard Greaves. English, parchment, 293/4 x 25 in., indented, 293/4 x 261/2 in., 14 x 11 in.