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Gift with warranty from Henry le Norrais to William Malorr' of land with meadows and pastures which the said Henry held by the gift of Roger clerk of Wotton' lying in Houlehale namely the land which John le Mallyer formerly held from Roger Clerk of Wotton'; to hold for ever from the chief lords of the fee for due and customary service, rendering annually to the said Roger Clerk 10s. at Lady Day and Michaelmas Undated Witnesses: Robert Mahen, William Clerk of Wotton', Henry de Lee, Thomas de Lee, John Densi, Roger de Bottelee, Nicholas de Appeles, John de Croule, Henry de Houlehale and many others Tag for seal Endorsed: [Contemp.] decem solidatas redditas carta de Sawers lond' cum pertinentiis facta Willelmi Mallor' Latin, parchment, 12 x 4 in.