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Gift with warranty from John de Simiterio of Ulnhale to Henry Bagod of three furlongs of land lying together in Ulnhale with 12d. annual rent from a cottage, extending in length from the land of Adam son of William to le gaslone and in breadth from the King's highway leading from Heleyng alias Heley to the King's highway called Benenestret'; to hold for ever from the said John, rendering annually 10s. [2 terms] Undated Witnesses: Nicholas de Astell' of Olenhal', Robert son of Nicholas of the same, Henry de Olnhal', John de Crewel', Robert de Symiterio, Robert Lebrid, Richard Clerc and others. Fragment of shield shaped seal of brown wax on tag Endorsed: [Contemp.] Carta Johannis de Cimiterio de Ulenhale facta Henrico Bagod de tribus culturis terre mee cum duodecim denariis annualis redditus de uno cottagio super predictem tenementem cum omibus excattis de prato catagio predicto r; per xs Latin, parchment, 121/2 x 5 in.