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Gift with warranty from Roger de Romeshull to William le Arch' of Thaneworth' for his homage and service of one acre of land in Hulehal', extending from the ditch of Stangate to Portweie, through laportweie to the hedge of Riwal and Soodihurste, through the said Hedge of Riwal to the said ditch of Stangate and one piece of land lying under Molkeleiefford and lamulneweie and under laporteweie and the running water; to hold for ever, rendering annually to the said Roger 7d. [2 terms] and homage at the court of the Earl of Warwick at Taneworth and one bezant Undated Witnesses: Robert magister and senescall, Henry de Cobena, Roger Pera of Thaneworthe, Henry de Hulehal'm, Roger Archer, Henry s Lalea, Ralph Palmer, a lea and many others Seal of natural wax on tag Latin, parchment, 8 x 3 in .