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Gift with warranty from Agnes de Romeshull of Hulhale, daughter of William de Romeshull' of Hulhale to William Mallore of land with hedges and ditches in Hulhale called Petronilla's curtilage, lying in breadth between the land of Roger de Bottele on the one hand and the road leading to the house of the said Roger on the other and extending in length from the road leading to the hall of Bottele to the land of the said Roger; to hold for ever from the chief lords of the fee for due and customary service, rendering annually to the heirs of the said William de Romeshull' of Hulhale 4d. [2 terms] Undated Witnesses: Hervi Bacot, Robert Mahen, Henry de Lee, Thomas de Lee, Henry de Hulhale, Nicholas de Appelis, Robert de Cimiterio, Roger de Bottele and many others Circular seal of natural wax on tag, 1 in. Endorsed: [Contemp] Carta Willelmi de terre voc' Curtilag' Petronill' per Agnete de Romeshull Latin, parchment, 8 x 5 in.