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Lease with warranty from Lora daughter of Richard de Astleye of Olnhale and John her son to the said Richard and Alice his wife for their lives of lands and tenements called Notelimeslond which they held by the demise and feoffment of the said Richard and Alice in Olnhale; to hold for the lives of the said Richard and Alice, rendering annually to the said Lora and John one rose on the feast of St. John the Baptist and due and customary service to the chief lords of the fee. Dated at Olnhale 20 May 4 Edward III Witnesses: Robert Rowedich de Olnhale, Adam Chauntour, John Tymme of Hengl', William Yue, John Hemery, William Hunte, and others Two tags for seal Latin, parchment, 13 x 33/4 in., indented