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Gift with warranty from Hugh son of John Mogge of Henleg' to Walter Henry of Henleg' of 2 selions of land in Hulhale, lying between the land of Walter de Pacwode on the one hand and the land of the said Walter on the other and extending from the land of Thomas de Haselholt to the water called Malebrok; to hold for ever, rendering annually to the said Hugh 1d. [2 terms] and paying one silver mark to the said Hugh on completion of this charter Undated Witnesses: Robert Mayhen, John Hemery, Robert Harhalt, John le Harper, William de Pacwode de Henleg', William Yue, Richard Henn, writer of this charter, and many others Circular seal of green wax on tag, 11/4 in. Legend: S HUGONIS ET JOHIS Endorsed: [Contemp.] Carta Walter Henry de 1j selions terre extendent usque malebrok Latin, parchment, 81/2 x 23/4 in.