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Gift with warranty from William de Romeshill' to Roger son of Roger Yue of Hengl' for his homage and service of 14 selions and 5 headlands in Ollenhal', lying in the croft called Brodecroft between the land which the said William held of the said Roger on the one hand and the land of John de Bottel' on the other hand and extending in length from the land of John de Bottel' and the headlands extending in length from the King's highway to the lands which the said Roger held from the said Gilbert [sic], the said 14 selions being called Hokedemedewe; to hold for ever from the said William and his heirs, rendering annually 4d., and paying to the said William 4s. on completion of this charter Undated Witnesses: Robert de Ollenhal', Roger de Assell', John de Botel', Robert Gilbert, Walter Hemery, John Pistor', Adam Eperty and many others Fragment of circular seal of natural wax on tag, 1 in. Latin, parchment, 61/2 x 6 in.