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Gift with warranty from William Gilbert son of Robert Gilbert de Ulenhalle to William Maullore of land in Ulenhale with messuages, tofts, gardens, meadows and pastures and the following annual rents: from John de Bottele, 2d.; from John Fark de Henle, 5d.; from Nicholas de Astely, 1d.; from Peter Brid, 4d.; from Henry Trenchemer, 1/2d.; from Henry Gilbert his brother, 1d.; from John Aure 1d.; to hold for ever from the chief lords of the fee Undated Witnesses: Robert Maheu, Nicholas des Astelis, William de Romshulle, Robert de Ulenhale, Henry de Ulenhale, Roger de Bottele, Henry de Astone, Robert ?nittl, John de Bottele, Henry de Bottele and many others Tag for seal Endorsed: [Contemp] Carta W. Malor' facta W. de Gylbert de omnibus terre redditus cum pertinentiiss in Botley Olenhale Latin, parchment, 61/2 x 51/4 in.