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Sutton Coldfield


Attested copy of the will of William Jesson of Langley, Sutton Coldfield, esquire, bequeathing all his messuages, cottages, mills, lands and tenements in Sutton Coldfield, Southam and Itchington in the tenures of Widow Tranter and George Tranter, her son, Thomas Henry Corn, one Lynes, John Cartwright, one Rose, James Johnson and John Worrall and all his other messuages, cottages, lands and tenements which were not limited in jointure to his late dear wife and all his household goods, plate, cattle, chattels, stock, money and personal estate to his friends Robert Holden of Erdington, esquire, and Edward Homer of Sutton Coldfield, gentleman, in trust to sell, distributing the proceeds, after the payment of debts, as follows: 1. £1,000 to his son William Jesson, within twelve months. 2. £500 to his son Robert Jesson, within twelve months. 3. £500 to his son Francis Jesson, to be paid at the end of three years from the decease of the testator and £40 p.a. for his maintenance in the meantime, he being a Commoner in the University. 4. £500 to his son Alexander Jesson, to be paid at the end of his clerkship and £40 p.a. for his maintenance in the meantime. 5. £500 to his son George Jesson, to be paid to him at the age of twenty-one. 6. £1,000 to his daughter Ann Jesson to be paid to her at the age of twenty-one or on her marriage, whichever first happens, if she marries with the consent of the testator's son Pudsey Jesson and his trustees, but if she marries without their consent she is to receive only £700 of the said sum, the other £300 to be equally divided between the testator's three youngest children, Francis, Alexander and George Jesson. 7. £20 p.a. to the said George Jesson until he inherits his said legacy. 8. If one of the legatees dies before coming into his or her portion, that portion is to be divided equally between the survivors. 9. £150 to his said trustees for the placing of his said son George in a clerkship or an apprenticeship. 10. 20 guineas to his relation and friend Mrs. Sarah Hayward 'for the care and pains she has taken in her attendance upon me in my illness'. 11. £5 to his servant Thomas Payne 12. 50s. to his servant Joseph Holmes. 13. 2 guineas to his servant John Scattergood. 14. 10s. apiece to the two boys who live with him. 15. 1 guinea apiece to all his other servamts/ 16. £5 to the poor of the parish of Sutton. 17. His eldest son Pudsey Jesson named as residuary legatee, and provided that the sums named above are paid according to this will, the said bequest to the trustees shall be declared void and the said estate pass to the said Pudsey Jesson. 18. £40 being the sum left to the testator by his wife's uncle Dr. Alexander Pudsey and never paid, to his son William Jesson, and also to the same his grey gelding. 19. Any books work and other things which were her mother's to his daughter Ann, notwithstanding her other legacy. The said Pudsey Jesson appointed executor and guardian of any of the testator's children under age at the testator's death. Dated: 10 November 12 George 1. 1725 Signed: William Jesson Witnesses: John Smith, Thomas Martin, William Bendy. Endorsed: This copy Agrees with the Original Will now remaining in the Registry of the Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry Examd. 27 November 1754. Signed: By W. Buckeridge Deputy Reg. English, paper, 101/4 x 151/2 in.