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Demise with warranty from John Archer esquire to John Prat of Henley in Arden' of two parcels of land in Ulnehale of which one is called Brokkefeld lying together in length between the road leading from the church of Toneworth to Henl' and the mill stream of Ton' to Henl' and in breadth between the lane leading from le Tache to Bottel'yate on the one hand and the land of William Reynold' of Henl' on the other hand and also another parcel of land lying in the corner of Bottel' in length between the said road and the said stream and in breadth between the said lane on the one hand and a croft of William Catesby on the other hand; to hold from the day of the Purication of the Blessed Mary last [2 February] for 20 years, rendering annually to the said John Archer 25s.4d. [2 terms], the said John having the right of distraint if the said rent was unpaid or in arrears a fortnight beyond any of the said terms; and also [added later] sufficient enclosure for the said John Prat in the said parcels of land. Dated at Ullenhale 10 April 19 Edward IV. Witnesses: Robert Deyster, William Reynold', Thomas Blythe and others. Fragment of circular seal of red wax, 3/4 in., an eagle with its wings inverted and displayed. Latin, parchment, 8 x 5 in., indented.