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Bargain and sale from John Hollington of Ullenhall, gentleman, to Thomas Barrett of Ullenhall, gentleman, for £60 of two parcels of land in Ullenhall between the land of Henry Lea, yeoman, the land of Francis Throckmarton, esquire, the land of William Atwood alias Tayler, yeoman, and the Queen's highway on all sides, known as the Chappell meadowe and Chappell Leasowe, now in the tenure of Thomas Smith alias Courte and Humphrey Rogers, with all woods, underwoods, trees, waters, ways, profits, rents, services and advantages; with tithes, claims, demands and reversions, the said John to deliver to the said Thomas all deeds and evidence of title by the feast of St. Thomas the Apostle [21 December] 1600; to hold for ever free of all encumbrances except the Chief Rent. Signed: John Hollington. Dated: 6 July 40 Elizabeth. Witnesses, endorsed: Thomas Warner scriptor, John Garret alias Sichsmith, Edward Smith alias Courte. Circular seal of red wax on tag, 3/4 in., a boar's head. English, parchment, 191/2 x 111/2 in., indented.