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Lease with warranty from William atte Lee of Morton' to William Coupere of Ullenhale and Margery his wife and John their son of a croft with an adjacent parcel of land in Ullenhale called Conyngesbieslittelfeld; to hold for the lives of the said William Couper, Margery and John, rendering annually to the said William atte Lee 6s. and to the chief lords of the fee 12d. [2 terms]; the said William atte Lee to have the right of re-entry if the said rent was unpaid or in arrears 15 days beyond any of the said terms; the said William, Margery and John to make no waste. Dated at Ullenhale Monday on the feast of St. Edward, King and Confessor, 17 Richard II. Witnesses: John Croweley, Richard Barell', William Tracy and others. Circular seal of brown wax on tag, 1/4 in., the letter R. Endorsed: [15th cent.] Ulnehale Dimiss' facta per W atte Lee WillelmoCouper Margerie uxori eius at Johanni filio de crofto cum pertinentiis parcellis eidem adiat in Olenhale voc' Conyngesbylitelfeld' ad totas vitas eorum reddendo per annum Willelmo Lee et heredibus suis vjs. at capitalibus dominis feodi xijd. anno regni Ricardi ij xvij. Latin, parchment, 81/4 x 41/4 in., indented.