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Lease with warranty from Richard Hallenton of Owlnall, husband-man, to Richard Jampson of the same, labourer, of a cottage with a backside adjoining the same on one close of pasture called Cooke land in Owlnall and also pasture for one cow on the leasowes and pastures where the said Richard Hallenton pastures the milch kine; to hold for 21 years from the feast of the Invention of the Crodd commonly called Hole Ende Day [3 May] last, rendering annually to the said Richard Hallenton 30s. 4d. in equal portions at the feast of the Invention of the Cross and All Saints Day [1 November] and a pair of hens at Christmas; the said Richard Hallenton to have the right of re-entry and distraint if the said rent was unpaid or in arrears; the said Richard Jampson to provide winter fodder for the said cow. Dated: 20 February 25 Elizabeth. Tag for seal. English, parchment, 151/4 x 81/4 in., indented.