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Gift with warranty from Henry de Vilers to the monks of St. Sepulchre's in free alms for the soul of the said Henry, the soul of William, Earl of Warwick, the soul of Margaret, wife of the said Henry, and the souls of the dead and of the successors of the said Henry of 2 acres of land lying on the length (longinquiorem) of Ruhenhal, one acre lying next to the furthest acre of the monks towards Stockul and the other acre lying between their one acre and the land of Adam Coci; to hold for ever. Undated. [William, Earl of Warwick, [1153-1184] Witnesses: William Chaplain, Thomas Deacon, John de Leicestr', Richard son of Godwin, Henry son of Mathew, R. Cemetario, William Odel', Ralph de Birmingham, R. son of Ser', William albo, Gilbert de Docgel, Walter Coco, W. clerk of Alenc', R. son of Adam. Fragment of green wax on tag. Endorsed: [Contemp.] Carta Henrici de Vilers de ijbus acris super Ruenhul. Latin, parchment, 71/2 x 4 in.