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Gift with warranty from Geoffrey Hody of Henleye to Geoffrey his son of 16 selions of land in Ollenhale which John Sparke of Henley formerly held, lying between the King's highway leading from Henley to Tanewurth' on the one hand and the stream running from the mill of Tanewurth' to the house of Richard de la Forde on the other hand; to hold for ever from the chief lords of the fee, rendering annually the usual rent and service Undated Witnesses: John Hemery, Nicholas de Leycestr', John de Allisleye, Andrew Dryce, John Cow, John le Harpur, John le Counper of Henl' and others Circular seal of natural wax on tag, 1 in. Latin, parchment, 91/4 x 41/4 in.