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Mortgage in fee from Thomas Jenks alias Jynks alias Hankenson of Warwic yeoman to William Edmonds of Wasperton yeoman of a messuage formerly called le Stone house lying in Warwic in Northgate street in the tenure of the said Thomas Jenks and also in the occupation of William Worcyter and also four messuages lying together in Warwic in the said street in the several occupations of John Becke, Robert Ridge, John Geywoode widow and Ralph Fissher which the said Thomas Jenks held by the gift of Edward Fissher esquire [see DR37/1/2758-2760]; to secure £77. Signed: Thomas Jenkes by mark Dated: 25 April 27 Elizabeth Witnesses: John Daffarm, Henry Tulbutt, John Palmer Circular seal of red wax on tag, 3/4in. Memorandum of livery of seisin, endorsed Witnesses: William Worceter, John Ditche, William Freculton', William Simon, Henry Tulbett, John Simkox, Richard Russell'. Latin, parchment, 19 x 9 in., indented