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Bargain and sale from William Edmonds of Terdebigge alias Tardebecke, Worcs., gentleman to Katherine Kings of Warwick widow for £120 of a messuage and tenement called the Stonne howse in Northegatestreete in the borough of Warwick, with gardens, orchards, backsides, barns, stables, houses and buildings belonging to the same, late in the tenure of John Coxe [see DR37/1/2758-2760] with all property and rights pertaining to the same including all charters of the same to be delivered to the said Katherine before Lady Day next; to hold for ever from the chief lords of the fee for due and customary service; covenant between the said William Edmondes and Margaret his wife, Fulk Bellars of Terdebigge alias Tardebecke gentleman and Ursula his wife and the heirs of the said William, of the one part, and the said Katherine on the other part, the said William, Margaret, Fulk and Ursula shall during the next seven years at the request and cost of the said Katherine make further assurance of the said property. Signed: William Edmonds Dated: 12 August 20 and 56 James I and VI Witnesses: Thomas Huggeford', Thomas Holbeche, Foulke Bellers, William Framingham, Thomas Ailesburie Circular seal of red wax on tag, 1/2 in., the letters T A between sprigs of foliage Memorandum of livery of seisin, 13 August, endorsed Witnesses: Thomas Holbeche, Foulke Bellers, Thomas Ailesburie, John Feyld, Richard Tandie Endorsed: [Contemp.] A feoffment of the Stonehouse, [18th cent] 12 August 1622 (William Edmonds to Katharine King - Feoffment) English, parchment, 221/2 x 18 in., indented.