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Mortgage from Mary Dougan of the borough of Warwicke widow and Samuel Dougan of the borough of Warwick gentleman to John Kemsey of the borough of Warwicke yeoman of a messuage, garden and backside in Jury Streete in the borough of Warwicke, between a messuage in the tenure of David Rainebowe to the East and a messuage in the possession of John Greene to the West, now in the tenure of the said Mary Dougan and Samuel Dougan; to hold for 500 years to secure £40. Signed: Mary Dougan, Samuel Dougan Dated: 24 February 15 Charles II 1662 Witnesses, dated 27 August, endorsed: Richard Arllin, John Thomas, Thomas Nichols. 1. Tag for seal 2. Seal of red wax on tag. English, parchment, 27 x 16 in., indented.