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Settlement after the marriage of William Combe of Warwicke esquire and Jane, Lady Puckering [formerly wife of Sir John Puckering] being a lease from the said William Combe to Sir Humphrey Ferrers of Tamworth knight, Sir Thomas Grantham of Goldthoe, Lincs., knight, Sir John Ferrers of Tamworth knight and Bartholomew Hales of Sniterfeilde esquire, reciting a deed of 30 July last whereby the Bailiff and Burgesses of Warwicke leased to the said William Combe and Jane his wife of tithes, tenth parts and portions of corn, hay, hemp, flax and other tithes from the towns, hamlets, fields, meadows, leaseowes, pastures, enclosures, waters, fishings and mills of and in Warwicke, Cotton Hardwicke, Packmores meadows, Woodcot, Lovets fields being part of the parish of rectory of St. Nicholas in Warwicke, lying on the north side of the river Avon and all the tithes of wool, lamb, hemp, flax, fruit, herbs, pigs, geese and eggs and other privy tithes belonging to the said church and all oblations, duties, profits and emoluments rising from Christenings, weddings, churchings, burials and communions, together with the tithe barn and backside in Smythesstreete in Warwicke known as the tythebarne of Cotton (excepting tythe corn and hay of Myton and St. Nicholas' churchyard) to hold for twenty-one years, rendering annually £20 at the four terms of Michaelmas, Christmas, Lady Day and the feast of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist in equal portions, the said lease to become void if the said rent were unpaid or in arrears fourteen days beyond any of the said terms, now for an increase of the jointure of the said Jane of the said tithes and barn; to hold for the remainder of the said term to the use of the said William and if he die before the end of the said terms to the use of the said Lady Jane, the said William or the said Lady Jane paying the said rent. Dated: 20 August 4 and 40 James I and VI. Four tags for seals Endorsed: [Contemp.] The Counterpart to Mr Combe of the assignment of the tythe of St. Nicholas in Warwick graunted to the Lady Puckering for increase of her joynture. English, parchment, 26 x 121/4 in., indented.