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Bargain and sale from Sir Thomas Puckering of the borough of Warwick knight and Bart. to Rowley Warde, sergeant-at-law, for £50 of two messuages under one roof lately one messuage in le Jury in the said borough of Warwick in the street called the Jury streete, late in the occupation of Myles Benson and formerly let by the said Sir Thomas to Thomas Savadge of Warwick shoemaker at the yearly rent of £14 and formerly in the tenure of John Bond being sometime part of the possessions of the late Guilds of Holy Trinity and St. George or one of them, which said messuages are adjoining to the chief mansion of the said Rowle Warde being in the said Jurystreete lately erected which were heretofore granted by Queen Elizabeth to John Wells and Richard Paice by letters patent, 23 September 32 Elizabeth [1590] and afterwards granted by the said John Wells and Richard Paice to John Puckering then sergeant-at-law and later Sir John Puckering knight and Lord Keeper of the Great seal of England since deceased, father of the said Sir Thomas, with all houses and land in the said street demised or let by the said Sir Thomas to the said Thomas Savage deceased, late father of -------- Benson now wife of the said Myles Benson, with all property and rights belonging to the said messuages; to hold for ever from the King as of his manor of East Greenwich, Kent, without hindrance from the said Sir Thomas or Dame Elizabeth his wife. Signed: Rowley Warde Dated: 7 July 8 Charles Witnesses, endorsed: Simon Archer, John Humby, John Hill', Thomas Flint, William Fflwoode Circular seal of red wax on tag, 1/2 in. Endorsed: [Contemp.] Counterpart of the bargaine and sale of two howses in Jury street to Serjeant Rowley Warde from Sir Thomas Puckering 8 Caroli English, parchment, 281/2 x 24 in., indented.