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Deed poll under the hand of Sir Thomas Puckering of the Pryorie, Warwick, knight and Bart. revoking: 1. Demise, dated 29 September last, from the said Sir Thomas to Sir Simon Archer knight, John Wightwick esquire and Francis Gremmer gentleman of the capital messuage belonging to the said Sir Thomas in or near Warwick and called the Pryorye and the lands belonging to the same, then in the occupation of the said Sir Thomas in the counties of Warwick, Lyncolne, Leicester, Hertford, Surrey and Kent; to hold for 28 years at a peppercorn rent; with the proviso that the said Thomas have the right at any time to revoke this demise by his signature in the presence of three witnesses. 2. Feoffment, dated 2 October last, from the said Sir Thomas to Thomas Grantham and James Enyon, esquires, of the property described (in No. 1 above); to hold for ever, having the same provision (as in No. 1 above). Signed: Thomas Puckering Dated: 28 December 10 Charles Witnesses: William Harman, Roger Eales, John Guerard, William Fullwoode, Thomas Cartwright, John Fruyman, Edward Owen, Thomas Procter. Circular seal of red wax on tag, 1/2 in., a deer Endorsed: [Contemp.] Sir Thomas Puckeringe Revocation of a Lease to his Executors for 28 years Dated: 29 September 10 Caroli English, parchment, 221/2 x 201/2 in.