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Warwick, a will of Samuel Dougan


Probate copy of the will of Samuel Dougan of Warwicke chirgeon, expressing the wish to be buried by his brother William Dougan, with the following bequests:

(i) to his kinswoman Hannah Field the house in which the said Samuel now lives with all the household goods and chattels in the same;
(ii) to his kinsman Mathew Dougan, son of the testator's brother William, 2s. 6d.
(iii) to Alexander Vawger 2s. 6d., chosen by the father Alexander Dougan the proceeds,
(iv) to the overseers appointed below a house, close and barn at Bridgend in Warwicke to be sold and the testator's debts discharged with the proceeds, the residue of which proceeds to pass to the heir ordained by the testator's father Alexander Dougan.

The testator's kinswoman Anne Field appointed executor. David Rainbow of Warwicke, John Phelps of Warwick and William Smith of Claverdon appointed overseers.

Signed: Samyuel Dougane
Dated: 18 February 1666

Witnesses: William Smyth, David Rainbowe.
Proved at the Consistory court of Worcester 12 March 1666.

Fragments of seal of the said court on tag.
Will: English, parchment, 111/2 x 10 in. Probate: Latin, parchment, 101/4 x 81/4 in.