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Conveyance by way of lease and release from Joc Murcott the younger of the borough of Warwick, gentleman, and Paul Grew of Atherston grocer for 5s. and £11. 10s. of a messuage in Jury Streete in the borough of Warwick in the tenure of Thomas Smith feltmaker. Signed: Job Murcott Dated: 20 March 20 Charles II and 21 March Charles II. Witnesses, endorsed: Thomas Wyse, Thomas Smith Lease: seal on tag enclosed by parchment. Release: the same Endorsed: [Release, contemp.] J Murcott to Paul Grew of a house in Warwick. English, parchment, lease: 111/2 x 63/4 in., indented, release: 19 x 8 in., indented.