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Conveyance by way of lease and release from Richard Croft of Wolston gentleman to Andrew Archer of Tanworth esquire for £10 of the upper part of a garden lying in Warwick belonging to a messuage in the occupation of Richard Hands and adjoining the backyard of the said Andrew Archer in the occupation of John Horton on the west and south sides and a lane leading to the parish church of St. Mary's on the north side and containing southward 26 feet, westward 30 feet, northward 15 feet and eastward 34 feet; to hold for ever. Signed: Richard Croft Dated: 25 and 26 March 1706 5 Ann Witnesses, endorsed: Jo Vere, John Simmonds Tag for seal Lease endorsed: [Contemp.] Sale of a smal Parcel of Land in Warwick from Croft to Andr: Archer Release, endorsed: [Contemp.] Receipt from Richard Croft to Andrew Archer for £10 being the consideration above mentioned. Sale from Croft to Andr: Archer Esq of a smal parcel of Land in Warwick. English, parchment, lease: 191/4 x 11 ins., indented. Release: 233/4 x 16 ins., indented.