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Covenant between Sir Nicholas Steward of Hartley Mawditt, Southampton, knight and Bart., Thomas Ward of Barford esquire, Dorothy his wife and Charles their son of the one part and Thomas Archer of Umberslade Hall in Tanworth esquire of the other part whereby the said Sir Nicholas covenanted to save the property described in DR37/1/2779 harmless from the execution of the bonds recited below and to secure peaceful possession of the said property to the said Thomas Archer, reciting: 1. DR37/1/2779 2. Acknowledgement in the Court of King's Bench, Hilary Term 1652, by the said Thomas Ward to the said Sir Nicholas of a bond in the penal sum of £250; to secure £202. 9. 7d. 3. The same, Easter Term 1656, in the penal sum of £400; to secure £244. 10s. Signed: Nicholas Steward, Thomas Warde, Dorothy Warde, Charles Warde. Dated: 3 June 21 Charles II Witnesses, endorsed: [for Sir Nicholas Steward]: Francis Eedes, Richard Eedes, J[ohn] Carpenter; [for Thomas, Dorothy and Charles Warde]; Henry Smith Francis Eedes. 1. Circular seals of red wax on tag. 3/4 in. 2. Fragments of red wax on tag 3. As No. 2 above. 4. As No. 1 above. Endorsed: [Contemp.] Sr Nicholas Steward to Mr Archer subscribed by Sir John Coln. English, by Sir John Coln. English, parchment, 241/2 x 141/2 in., indented.