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Gift with warranty from Ralph de Normanuill' son of Ralph de Normanuill' to William de Grendon' and John de Grendon' his brother for their homage and service of a windmill in the vill of Flekkenho with 4 acres of land which land Rose de Verdun' had held with the mill; to hold for ever, rendering annually to the said Ralph two pairs of white gloves worth 2d. at Easter or 2d., also 11s. 4d. to the Lady Rose de Verdun' annually [2 terms]. Undated. Witnesses: Thomas de Wappenbyr', Philip de Aysseby, Robert de Gershale, William de terrarus, Robert de Walton', John de Ponctret, John de Thurlaston', Oliver de Syukkeberwe, William de Syukkeberwe and others. Circular seal of green wax on tag, 3/4 in., a shield of arms. Endorsed: [Contemp.] Carte de molendino de Fleckeh'. Latin, parchment, 53/4 x 31/2 in.13th century