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Lease from Edward Tadlowe of London linen-draper to Warren Overton of the borough of Warwicke carpenter for £18 of a messuage called the Stonehouse in Northgate streete in Warwicke alias the Shipstreete now in the tenure of the said Warren Overton (excepting always and reserving to the said Edward all ash, oak, elm and fruit trees and all timber trees on the said premises with the right to have and carry away the same other than such fruit trees as bear pears, apples, walnuts and plums or other fruits); to hold from Michaelmas last for 21 years, rendering annually £8, and a couple of capons [2 terms], this same lease to be void if the said rent was unpaid or in arrears a fortnight beyond any of the said terms; the said Warren Overton to pay all charges and taxes on the said property during the said term. Signed: Warren Overton Dated: 25 November 1652 Witnesses, endorsed: Mathew Holbeche, Edward Saunders, Thomas Wyse Tag for seal Endorsed: [Contemp.] The Counterpart of Warren Overtons Lease of the Stonehouse in Warwick from Mich' 1652 for 21 years at the rent of £8 and a cupple of capons. English, parchment, 231/2 x 103/4 in., indented.