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Bargain and sale from Walter Copp of the borough of Warwick tailor to Thomas Archer of Umberslade Hall in Tanworth esquire for £68 of a messuage with orchard and garden adjoining the same in the Jury alias the Jury streete in the borough of Warwicke on the north side of the same street in the possession of the said Walter Copp and adjoining the capital messuage of the said Thomas Archer on the west and a messuage of Richard Eede gentleman on the east, which premises were granted 20 May 18 James [ ] by John Hicks to Thomas Keeling for £3,000 years at a peppercorn rent and which were assigned, 21 December 18 James, by the said Thomas Keeling to the said Walter Copp and quitclaimed, 23 February 2 Charles [ ] by the said John Hicks to the said Walter Copp for ever; to hold for ever from the chief lords of the fee for due and customary service. Signed: Walter Copp Dated: 20 December 21 Charles II Circular seal of red wax enclosed in parchment on tag, 1/2 in., an eagle with wings inverted and displayed. Endorsed: Receipt, 29 February 21 Charles II [1669/1670], from the said Walter Copp to the said Thomas Archer for £68, the consideration above mentioned. Signed: Walter Copp Witnesses: Francis Eede, Thomas Carter, Thomas Stratford, Edmund Eedes, Thomas Stratford jun., John Dickins. Memorandum, dated 29 February 21 Charles II [1669/1670], of livery of seisin. Witnesses: Thomas Stratford, Francis Eedes, Edmond Eedes, John Dickins, Thomas Stratford jun., Thomas Leluy, Thomas Carter. English, parchment, 273/4 x 15 in., indented.