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Conveyance by way of lease and release (lease missing) from Robert Chirnock of the borough of Warwick esquire to the Rt. Hon. James, Earl of Northampton, the Rt. Hon. William, Earl of Denbigh, the Rt. Hon. William, Earl of Craven, the Rt. Hon. Edward, Viscount Conway, the Rt. Hon. Francis, Viscount Carrington, the Rt. Hon. Thomas, Lord Winsor, the Rt. Hon. Robert, Lord Brooke, the Rt. Hon. Thomas, Lord Leigh, the Rt. Hon. Robert, Lord Digby, the Hon. Fulke Grevill esquire, Sir Henry Puckering alias Newton Bart., Sir Edward Boughton Bart., Sir John Knightley Bart., Thomas Archer esquire and Charles Newsham esquire for £300 of a messuage with orchard, garden and backside pertaining to the same in the occupation of the said Robert Chirnock in Northgate Streete alias the Sheepe Streete in St. Mary's, Warwick, containing in breadth in the front of the same 53 feet, and in length from the said front to the further end of the said orchard 183 feet, and the break on the north side adjoining the said messuage whereon the kitchen and other buildings now stand containing in breadth 20 feet and in length 50 feet, which property the said Robert Chirnock had purchased from Francis Griffin of Stipney alias Stebonhiath, Mddxx, goldsmith, and Elizabeth his wife and Elizabeth Griffin of the borough of Warwick widow, which property was copyhold of the manor of Warwick for the copyhold rent of 21s. 8d. part of the rent of £29. 1. 7d. due to the King for the said Manor, also a barn and garden lying in the said parish near the Joyce Poole and extending in breadth 43 feet from the house and land late of Mr. Thomas Oken deceased, now in the tenure of Avery Swanbrick, on the west to a house late in the tenure of John Fletcher on the east and in length extending 70 feet from the common street called Wall Ditch on the north to the said orchard belonging to the said messuage in the occupation of the said Robert Chirnock, which property was purchased by the said Robert Chirnock from Mathew Holbech of the Inner Temple, London, esquire and Charles Holbech of Meriden gentleman; to hold for ever from the chief lords of the fee for due and customary service, rendering annually to the King 11s., part of the yearly rent of 21s. 8d, which sum was part of the yearly rent of £29. 1. 7d., to be converted and built into a common gaol, a common workhouse and a house of correction in Warwick, the consideration above having been voluntarily advanced by the inhabitants of Warwick. Dated day of 28 Charles II 1676 14 tags for seals. English, parchment, 331/2 x 28 in., indented, 33 x 201/2 in.