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Tanworth Nuthurst


Arbitration by John Huband, John Northwode, John Campion and Henry Boteler in the dispute between Maud, the widow of John Fulwode, and Richard, son and heir of the said John Fulwode, concerning the dower of the said Maud of property 'lyflode' which the said Richard had inherited as the heir of the said John Fulwode in Toneworth and Notehurst; the said Maud to have 2 pence annual rent from Richard Archer, 2 pence rent from Richard Cole, 14 shillings annual rent from John Atwell, 12 pence annual rent from Harry Brydde, all the tenements which Lawrence Blythe held at will from the said John Fulwode, the annual value over and above costs being 49s 8d, all the tenements which Richard Taillour held of the said John in the same way, the annual value being 2 pence, the great meadow, the annual value being 26s 8d, the Ricroft, Caluermore, Pynkemorecroft with the Pole of the annual value of 13 s 4d, the field called Cowlesowe with the grove of the annual value of 6s 8d, all these parcels amounting to the sum of £4 19s; the said Maud also to have the annual rent of 18 pence from Thomas Sydenhale and the pit called Prattys Pit but was to provide a lamp with the said 18 pence in Toneworth church in allowance of her dower in a fishpond by the road at the gate held by the said Richard; the said Maud was also to have the use of the room over the hall of the 'cite' of the manor of Fulwode until the said Richard had a chimney made which was to be completed by the following Christmas whereupon the said Maud was to occupy the room below the hall with the draught and not the room over the hall; the said Maud to have reasonable use of the hall and to contribute a third of the cost of repairs, reasonable use of the parlour and chapel at a convenient time, reasonable use of the kitchen, bakehouse and brewhouse and malthouse to which she was to pay a third of the cost of all reasonable repairs; also the Elder barne, the nether orchard, the ouer shepon', the room above the garner and the third dove from every flight in the dovehouse, reasonable use of the outcourt for swine, cattle and poultry, the use of the garret over the gate to which she was to contribute a third of the cost of repairs and also a third part of the garden to be divided off by the said Maud from the other two parts in reasonable time with reasonable access to the moat for water and fishing; the said Maud and Richard accepted this arbitration and the said maud agreed to meet all the chargers pertaining to the said parcels; the said arbitrator also decreed that before the following feast of All Hallows [ 1 November] the great wood should be divided into three parts by two impartial men, namely Simon Grove and John Pole of Pakwode, the said Richard to have the first choice of the tree, then the said Maud to choose one part and the said Richard to have the other part. Dated Wednesday after the feast of St Michell' Archangel, 27 Henry VI. 1. Tag for seal with fragment of red wax. 2. Octagonal seal of red wax on tag, 1/2 in., the letter T crowned. 3. Circular seal of red wax on tag, 1/2 in., on a shield quarterly, 1 and 4 : a crown; 2 and 3 a mullet, the shield surrounded by a double hexagonal indented border. 4 5 tags for seals with fragments of red wax. English, parchment, 13 x 10.25 ins.