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Confirmation [cancelled] with warranty from Thomas Ferrers, son and heir of Thomas Ferrers of Tamworth' esquire, to John Kent the younger gentleman of the gift with warranty, dated 30 April 32 Henry VI [1454], from Thomas Ferrers senior esquire to John Kent the younger of an annual rent of 5 marks, to be taken in equal portions at the feast of the Apostles Philip and James [1 May] and All Saints Day [ 1 November], from lands and tenements in Flekenho to hold for the life of the said John, made in the presence of Henry Ferrers esquire, John Kent the elder and John Bradburne gentleman and others; to hold for the life of the said John. Dated: 10 April 35 Henry VI. Witnesses: Henry Ferrers esquire, William Cumburford, John Bradburne, William Hasulham, Thomas Dixon' and others. Tag for seal. Latin, parchment, 93/4 x 61/4 in., slashed in cancellation.