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Wootton Wawen


Lease from William Whatley of Henley in Arden yeoman and Richard Wheatley of the same, tanner, brother of the said William, to Thomas Spencer of Clarden esquire for £20 of a meadow and pasture called Lymseyes surrounded by woods, underwoods and hedgerows, containing about 12 acres, late in the tenure of the said Richard Wheatlye, abutting on the land of Edward Aston knight on the one side and on the land of Andrew Archer esquire on the other side, lying in Bewdesert and Wotton; to hold for 80 years or the life of the said Thomas Spencer, whichever is shorter; with a proviso of redemption that if the said William and Richard repay to the said Thomas the said sum of £20 by Michaelmas 1595 the said property shall be yielded up to the said William. Signed: William Wheatlye Dated: 13 October 32 Elizabeth Witnesses, endorsed: Edward Catelin, Rowland Wilcox, Edmund Tybbats, William Corpson. 1. Circular seal of red wax on tag, 1/4 in. 2. Tag for seal. English, parchment, 191/4 x 93/4 in., indented.