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Wootton Wawen


Lease from Foulke Bellers of Henley in Arden, yeoman, to John Alie, labourer, Margaret his wife and Joan his daughter of Henley in Arden of a meadow called fouling Burge meadowe in Wotton Wawen in the tenure of the said John Alie, reserving to the said Foulke all woods and underwoods on the said meadow; to hold from Lady Day last for 21 years, rendering annually to the said Foulke 10s., the said Foulke to have the right of re-entry if the said rent were unpaid or in arrears three weeks beyond any of the said terms. Signed: Foulke Bellirs Dated: 20 June 25 Elizabeth Witnesses, endorsed: Anthony Swyft for Thomas Parker and Richard Cowper Seal of red wax on tag. English, parchment, 171/2 x 9 in.