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Wootton Wawen


Defeasance between William Greene of Little Awne yeoman and Andrew Archer of Tanworthe esquire to ensure payment of a bond by statute staple in the penal sum of £500, payment being due 10 July next, payment now to be made as following: at the dwelling house of Thomas Wheler of Henley in Arden £300, namely £80 on 20 July next, £70 on 10 September next and £150 on the feast of St. Thomas the Apostle [21 December] next. Dated: 30 June 38 Elizabeth Witnesses, endorsed: William Knight, Thomas Jackson', Edward Smythe, Robert Cooke and John Wylkes. Circular seal of red wax on tag, 3/4 in., a shield with crest. English, parchment, 151/4 x 11 in., indented.