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Wootton Wawen


Bargain and sale from Richard Greene of Ansope, Derbyshire, gentleman, and Anne his wife to William Chambers of Henley in Arden, tanner, £66. 13s. 4d. of two meadows in the tenure of John Baker lying in Wawenswotton and Beudesert called fordmeadowes by the side of the ford called Henley ford, also a parcel of ground in the tenure of Roger Gressingam lying between the Queen's land on the south and the land of the heirs of George Whateley' on the north in Wotten Wawen'; to hold for ever. Signed: Richard Greene, Anne Greene by mark. Dated: 6 November 39 Elizabeth Witnesses, endorsed: Henry Wright, John Bellers, Edward Johnson senior, Thomas Orton, Clement Greene. Two tags for seals. Memorandum of livery of seisin, dated 4 June 40 Elizabeth [1598], endorsed. Witnesses: John Baker, Francis Slye,William Meare, William Poole mercator, John Knight, Thomas Woodwod, Thomas Knyght. Endorsed: [17th cent.] Richard Grene feffement To William Chambers his Heres And Addignes for ever. English, parchment, 203/4 x 183/4 in., indented.