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Wootton Wawen


Covenant between Margery James, widow, late the wife of Thomas James of Beuerston, Glos., yeoman, William Knight of Beoley, Worcs., yeoman, and Simon Bellers of Alcetur, yeoman, as to the division of the property of Thomas Stoks late of Henley Arden, gentleman, namely: 1) two cottages in Henley in the several occupations of John Flishe and one Clarkson, also 40 acres of arable land and three acres of meadow in the common fields of Henley, Whitley and Wotton that is to say in the field between the small brok and the Gallowes slade 12 acres, and in Wotton felde three acres, and in Blakledfeld 16 acres, and in the Sandyfeld six acres, and in Mershefeld three acres, and the three acres of meadow lying at Smallbrok and all that leasowe called Backfirslong and two leasowes in Tanworth and two leasowes called Farres feld and Forke Maul being parcel of Barrells Ferme, and a meadow called Barrells medowe; 2) a messuage called Barrells with orchards and gardens belonging to the same, a leasowe called Calfes Lesow, a leasow called Thoxe Lesow, the leasowe called the Rowe lesowe, a leasowe called Bradfurland, a meadow called Sparkley and a leasowe called Homefelde and lands in the common field of Ulnall now in the tenure of John Stocks, all the said premises being in Ulnall, two cottages in Henley in the several occupations of Roger Mase and Elizabeth Hall; 3) the mansion with all houses, buildings, closes, gardens and orchards belonging to the same, one messuage over against the said mansion house, in the occupation of Robert Blythe, two cottages in the several occupations of Thomas Bennet and one Overton, all which property lies in Henley, a leasowe, now divided, with a meadow adjoining the same called Dorsell, and four little closes called Harpers Orchard, Ruthonies land, Fulsiche and Blakeforde, lying in Henley, Belsar, Whitley and Ulnall, with three closes called Longe Pitte, Mulners Banke and a ropies (?) with Stormy lane, parcel of Barrells Ferme, lying in Ulnall; reciting that the said Thomas Stoks dies seised of the said property and that after his death the said property descended to the said Margery and Anne and Janne her sisters, as co-heirs of the said Thomas, and reciting that the said Margery married the said Thomas James, the said Anne married Thomas Graysley and sold her share of the said property to William Sheldon of Beoley, Worcs., esquire, who sold this said portion to Robert Knyght who died seised of the said portion, which portion descended to Nicholas Knyght, son and heir of the said Robert Knyght and then to the said William Knight, brother and heir of the said Nicholas Knight, and the said Janne married Michael Sheffeld and her portion descended to Edward Sheffled, son and heir of the said Michael and Janne, which portion the said Edward bargained and sold to the said Simon Bellers; now it is agreed that the property described in (1) be the portion of the said Margery rendering annually 6s. 8d. to the said Simon Bellers; that the property described in (2) be the portion of the said William Knight, rendering annually 5s. to the said William Bellers and 4s. to the chief lords of Ulnall; and that the property described in (3) be the portion of the said Simon Bellers. Signed: by me Wm. Knyght. Dated: 20 March 9 Elizabeth 1. Fragments of circular seal of red wax on tag. 2. Seal of red wax on tag. Endorsed: [Contemp.] Wylyam Knyght Margerey Jhames. English, parchment, 221/2 x 19 in., indented.