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Botley in Wootton Wawen


Lease from Michael Dormer, citizen and alderman of London, to Richard Archer esquire of all his lands and tenements called Botleys in Wotton' Wawen' which the said Michael holds by a deed of 6 May [DR37/1/2957]; to hold for three years, rendering annually 20s. 4d. [2 terms], the said Michael having the right of re-entry if the said rent were unpaid or in arrears four weeks beyond any of the said terms; but if the said Richard pays to the said Michael 400 marks in one payment during the next three years then the estate made to the said Michael by the said Richard, as described in DR37/1/2954 and DR37/1/2957, shall be void. Signed: Per me Michael Dormer'. Dated: 8 May 29 Henry VIII. Tag for seal. English, parchment, 133/4 x 71/4 in. indented.