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Botley in Wotton Wawen


Bargain and sale from William Greene of Little Awne, yeoman, to Andrewe Archer of Tanworth, esquire, for £550, of manor house, capital messuage, tenement or farm house called Botleys farm house and his part of the manor of Botley in the parish of Wawenswotton, alias Wotton Wawen with one cottage and adjoining close called Mayori Croft, lately in the tenure of George Gibbes, to hold forever. Signed: William Greene Dated: 28 June 38 Elizabeth Witnesses, endorsed: William Wright, Thomas Jackson, John Lu? , Robert Cooke, John Wylkes, Edward Smithe. Circular seal of red wax on tag, 1 in. Heraldic achievement (damaged). English, parchment, 301/4 x 16 in., indented.