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Grant with warranty by John "ad vado" of Edreston' to John and Margerie his freeholders/tenants, for their services all that complete messuage with houses, buildings hedges, ditches and other fines pertaining, which holds by gift of Alice, his mother: viz: one-half acre arable land in open field of Edreston, half acre lying on the culture which is called Inhething between the lands held by Henry de Hamstede and Matila [Cotum or Cocum] and extending to the baulk of Hugh le Bedd: half-acre lying on Cotarneway between the land of John de Kyrkeby and Richard de Kyrkeby; and another half-acre lying on the culture called Anoteshull with and extending into netherferme between the land of the said John de Kyrkeby and Matilda Cocum. To have and hold to said John and Margery their heirs and assigns whatsoever from the chief lord of that fee, the son of Alice my mother and his heirs and assigns, freely, quietly, wholly and in peace by inheritance in perpetuity. Rendering annually, and paying homage to the chief lord of the fee with those services owed and accustomed. Date: No date Witnesses: Walter le bout(?), John Selby, John Spermon, William le Sweyn, Robert ad vado, William de Monte, Richard, clerk. Seal: Tag - seal not surviving. Latin, parchment, 71/4 x 43/4 in.