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Botley in Wotton Wawen


Counterpart of assignment by John Hill of Henley in Arden, baker, to Thomas Hankenson alias Jenkes of Warwick, yeoman, for 40 marks, of a lease by Thomas Froste of Studley, husbandman, to John Hill, dated 8 March 8 Elizabeth [1566], of 2 closes and one meadow called Pytfyldes alias Botleys in Botley in Wootton Wawen between the lands of Thomas Grene and the highway leading from Botley Grene to Bluntes Grene for a term of 21 years and 4 years returning 20s. [2 terms] yearly, for the remainder of the term. Signed: Thomas Hankenson Dated: 15 February 17 Elizabeth Witnesses: Philippe Cox, Sir Thomas Wheyler de Henley, Thomas Benett, Richard ----- ?, Rolande Wheylerde Henley. Circular seal of red wax on tag 1/2 in., cinquefoil. English, parchment, 143/4 x 121/2 in., indented.