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Botley in Wootton Wawen


Agreement between Richard Archer of Tonworth esquire and John Grene of Offord, yeoman, reciting DR37/1/2954 and DR37/1/2960, that if the said Richard could obtain for the said John at the cost of the said Richard the farm of Songer in the tenure of Thomas Rogeres, or the farm of Bynton' in the tenure of John Parker, or lands in fee simple lying in one lordship or within six miles of John's house in co. Warr', without any 'cauell', rent or lands improved within 20 years, being equal in value to Botleys farm and the other property described in DR37/1/2960, within 4 years of this date, then the said John within a quarter of a year after receiving these lands in fee simple would make an estate in fee simple at his own cost to the said Richard of Botleys farm and the other lands described in DR37/1/2960; a view of the lands purchased to be made by Sir George Throkmerton knight, Sir Fulk Grevell knight, William Wyllyngton esquire, William Sheldon and John Fulwod, gentlemen, or any five, four or three of them, their judgement to be given in writing before the transfer of the said lands; if, however, the said Richard did not purchase any lands, the said John was to hold the property described in DR37/1/2960 and the deeds relating to the same; detailed provision made to adjust any small difference in value of the said lands; bond in the penal sum of £200 to perform the same. Dated: 8 November 35 Henry VIII. Circular seal of red wax on tag, 1/2 in., the letters T ?R. English, parchment, 191/4 x 101/4 in., indented.