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Wootton Wawen


Exemplification Andrew Archer, gentleman, through Thomas Jackson his attorney, against Robert Grene and Isabella, his wife, in respect of one messuage, 2 mills, 60 acres land, 20 acres meadow, 100 acres pasture and 6 acres wood in Wootton Wawen, which John Archer, senior, gave to John Archer, junior, and Margaret his wife and lawful heirs of their bodies. Recites that before 4 February 1535, use was raised by said John Archer, senior, in favour of John Archer, junior, Margaret and heirs [feoffees to uses so seised were: Ric. Nevell, knight, Lord Latymer, Hgh Conway, Ric. Empson, Edward Belknapp, Humfrey Stafford, Robert Morgan, Richard Huband, Ric. Poynes]. After statute of that date [4 February 1535], John, junior, and Margaret were seised of property aforesaid. After death of said John, junior, and Margaret, it descended according to the form and tenor of the said statute to Richard, son of said John and Margaret, and after his death to Humfrey his son and heir. Andrew claims that after death of said Humfrey it should have descended to him as son and heir of Humfrey and kinsman and heir of John, junior, and Margaret. And said Robert and Isabella, through their attorney rygthley come and defend selves and say that after death of said John and Margaret, Richard was seised of said property and raised a fine in 21 4 VIII with Robert Dormer, Edward Dormer, John Godwyn, William Dannoye and Thomas Parys in respect of said tenements, etc. and 4 messuages, 50 acres land, 60 acres meadow, 200 acres pasture, 100 acres wood, 20 acres and £1. 0. 8d. in rents with appurtenances in Monkespath, Tanworth and Wootton Wawen.