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Wootton Wawen


Petition, replication and rejoinder, in case of Andrew Archer v. William Grene. Andrew Archer through his attorney, Thomas Jackson, claims from William Grene, one messuage, 100 acres land, 30 acres meadow, 200 acres pasture and 10 acres woods with appurtenances in Wootton Wawen, which should have descended to him as kinsman and heir of John Archer, junior, and Margaret, his wife, after death of Richard, son and heir of John and Humfrey, son and heir of Richard, father of said Andrew, by virtue of a use raised by John Archer, senior, in favour of said John Archer, junior, and Margaret, before 1535, and then in plain descent after the statute. Feoffees to uses were: Richard Nevyll, knight, Lord Latymer, Hugh Conway, Richard Empston, Edward Belknappe, Humfrey Stafford, Robert Morgan, Richard Hubarde and Richard Poynes. William Grene, through his attorney, William Foster, comes and replies that use was raised as stated by John, senior, but that 21 H VIII, Richard raised a fine with Robert Dormer, Edward Dormer, John Godwyn, William Danney and Thomas Paris, in respect of tenements in Wootton Wwen, Taneworthe and Monkespathe, to the use of said Edward, in consideration of £40. Property passed to Robert Grene by fine raised by "said" MichaelDormer, and thence by inheritance toWilliam Grene. Andrew Archer reappears and while admitting fine, says that said Richard Archer had entered upon the property without right and unjustly deseised the said feoffees to uses who had re-entered the lands and tenements and restored the situation so that property should still have descended to said Andrew. William Grene denies that the said feoffees to uses were unjustly deseised. Plea Dated: At Westminster 38 Elizabeth I. Ordered to be heard at Warwick, Friday 16 July next. Latin, parchment (2 membranes), 91/4 x 331/2 in.