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Tanworth, Nuthurst


Bargain and sale by Thomas Williams [Wylyams] of Beaudesert, husbandman to John Johnsons of Nuthurst, tailor, for £10, of a croft or close of land with appurtenances in Nuthurst, called Nokye Crofte [Nooky Croft], lying in length between the land of John Trussell, esquire, called Bostons, and the road, and in width between the Queens highway on both sides. All which Williams had by charter from the said Johnsons, and which formerly belonged to the chantry of Tanworth. Appoints his brother John Williams as attorney to deliver seisin. Signed and sealed by Thomas Williams [mark] Witnesses: Robert Lydyat; Umfrey Pramner;Richard Lylly; John Williams and the scribe Thomas Trussell 'the wryter herof' Seal of red wax on tag Endorsed with feoffment and seissn the same day