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John Archer of London, gentleman (1) and Antony Astell, fishmonger and John Astell, sadler, citizens (2). Astells grant to John Archer, Mathew Fowecher, citizen, and mercer and Thomas Gyvendale, gentleman, rent charge of £4 payable from tenements in Chepe, in parish of St. Vedast of London, formerly Henry Sewalls, late of London, gentleman, of which tenements Thomas Astell is seized by descent on death of Henry Sewall as cousin and heir, i.e. son and heir to said Antony and Elizabeth, late his wife, sister to said Henry Sewall, (i.e. nephew). For 12 years. Rent charge formerly seized to Steven Speleman, citizen and mercer of London. Thomas Astell to swear witness of Dower at next Husting in favour John Archer and Cristine, his wyf. [Henry Sewall's estate - ? dower rights of Christian. This was estate of Henry and his father, Symkin Sewall - not Mallying.[