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Grant by [blank in MS] to Richard Nevill, east of Warwick, Richard Roos, Thomas Charleton, Henry Norbury, knights, William Lacon, William Harecomb, Thomas Fereby, Robert Ingletton, Thomas Wychard, Edmund Blowefeld, Symon Elvyngton, Thomas Frowyk, Thomas Hoord, John Gery, Robert Merefeld, William Bastard, Roger Baylis, gentlemen, Thomas Thorneton, draper, John Harowe, Richard Nedeham, mercers, John Rowethe, Hugh Haseley and Thomas Bulman, clerks, - all state title, etc. in manors, messuages, lands, tenements, rents, reversions, etc. Goods and chattels to Thomas Fereby, Edmund Plowefeld, Simon Elryngton, Roger Bayly, John Gerey, Thomas Wychard, Thomas Thorneton, Richard Redeham and John Rowether. Appointments as attorneys to deliver seisin ---- Kynwarton, J[oh]n Whatcroft, John B---he, Robert Carswell.