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Demise from John, abbot of Alyncestr', and the convent of the same to John Norha; of one piece of arable land containing 29 selions called Heggethorn; to hold for 60 years, allowing to the said abbot and convent, their successors, servants and villeins free entry and exit along a customary road about 16 feet in breadth according to its boundaries, leading from the vill of Bykmers towards Pebbewrth next to the court of Bykemers on the west; the said monks having the right of distraint if the said right of way was infringed. Dated at Alyncestr' in the monastery of the said monks on the morrow of Michaelmas 47 Edward III Witnesses: John le Rous, Robert Attebrugge chaplain, Richard Westcote, John Belne of Eccleshale, William Perkar' of Witlakesforde and many others Tag for seal Latin, parchment, 101/4 x 33/4 in.