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Baddesley Clinton


Demise from John de Conyngesby, lord of Baddesley, to Philip Hancokes of Baleshale and Joan his wife, formerly wife of Leonard de Clynton', of a piece of land with a marlpit and adjoining ditches which the said Joan held in addition to her dower of all the lands and tenements of the said Leonard of Baddesley Clynton of which the said Leonard was seised in a field called Halleneweland; to hold for the life of the said Joan, rendering annually 2s. [2 terms]. Dated at Baddesley Clynton, Saturday after the feast of St. Gregory, 30 Edward III Endorsed: [Late 14th cent.] Indentur' Felippe Hancokes Baddesleyclynton Latin, parchment, 11 x 43/4 in., indented