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Bargain and sale from Rowland Wheler of Henley in Arden yeoman to Edward Greene of Newneham husbandman for £31 of a close called Packewoode croft in the tenure of the said Rowland containing 1 acre of meadow and 3 acres of arable land in Beaudeserte, between a lane called Thould Fordrove on the east, the land of the heirs of Chambers on the west, the lands of John Green on the south and the lands of the heirs of Eaton on the north; also a little piece of land called the Fordrove adjoining the said croft in the tenure of the said Rowland in Bewdeserte; to hold for ever. Dated 3 November 20 Elizabeth Witnesses: Richard Greene, Thomas Green, William Hookes scriptor English, parchment, 20 x 121/2 in.